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Megan's Law Helps Protect Loved Ones From Registered Sex Offenders

Learn how Megan's Law can help you protect loved ones against known sexual predators. Use state and other databases to identify registered sex offenders who live near you.

This site focuses on the three main types of search relative to sex offenders. Click an image or link below to explore which option makes you feel better about keeping your loved ones safe from predators.

Zip Code Search
Zip Code Search
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Free State Search
Free State Search
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Background Check
Background Check
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Using a variety of services offered through this site, you can easily access state, national and other sex offender registries. You can also do criminal background checks to supplement your sex offender searches.

Megan's Law has resulted in sexual offender lists being publicly available. The good information in these sex offender registries is even better when you can also do criminal background checks.

But background checks can also help in non-criminal situations. Employers can check the background of a prospective employee. Parents and guardians can use personal background checks for babysitters and nannies.

Visit the background check section of this site to see the range of possibilities. You'll find a host of services, some of them free, some you have to pay for. Even the very best services are quite affordable.

Like anything else though, the less you pay, the less you get. Think about the value of the information in terms of personal safety. Don't skimp if you'll be putting someone, especially a child, at risk.

Sex Offender Search Guide
Did you know this?
The number of registered sex offenders increased by 23% in 5 years.
Source: PR Newswire 01/12
Be Aware. Be Safe.